DVLDG-Modular Wheel System



This is a modular wheel system that gives you the ability to select the wheel width as well as the lug pattern of your choice. This Will be compatible with ANY of our wheel face styles that are listed as “Modular”

This system comes with our DVLDG-112 Wheel Face, which is a Weld Wheel Styled wheel face. It also comes with our DVLDG-DT001 Tire.

The kit also includes Beadlocks for building pro street wheels. By scaling the wheels down to 15.8 diameters, you can use them with our pro street tire packages.


Diameter: 20mm
Width: Configurable from 4mm to 28mm with variable Front and Rear wheel rings.
Width: 4mm to 20mm with 1 piece wheel ring
Style: Modular
Lug Nuts: Yes 4/5/6 Lug Recessed and Surface
File Format: STL
Mount Style: 2mm Post