1932 Ford Pickup – Full 3D Printable Kit – Digital Download

This is my 1932 Ford Pickup. I designed this kit by request. Luis Perez commissioned the kit. This kit includes all of the files needed to build the entire kit. The download will be in the form of a series of zip files.

There will be some scratch-building techniques required to work with this kit. It will be tons of fun!

This is the digital download set of 3d printable files for the full kit. This is NOT the 3D-printed parts. I will offer a printed version of this at some point in the near future. I am currently in



Luis Perez is a fantastic, award-winning builder, who built the kit and took it to the 2023 JAXCON show. Luis won the Best Automobile award for his build and I am proud to have had the opportunity to participate in his build.  Luis asked that I not publish this kit until after his competition. I was glad to oblige giving Luis the opportunity to have a unique kit to show. I can’t tell you how amazing his build was. Here are some images of the build from Luis. Luis used a photo etch grill and chain for the tailgate. He also used some aftermarket wheels from Blackbox on Cults3D. Blackbox is a fantastic designer. You should check out his stuff. You won’t be disappointed.