Custom Orders

We try very hard to make sure every printable file we offer is free from issues that might cause problems when you print them. However, you can’t plan for everything. So, to ensure you get what you pay for, we offer custimization services for any file you purchase from us. If you need the file adjusted to fit a specific projects and you can’t do that yourself,  we’d be happy to do that for you. 

We also accept requests for custom file creation large and small. Please contact us and let us know what you are working on and we’ll make every effort to provide the files you need to finish whatever you have on your bench.

We also offer print services. In the future, we will have established an inventory of printed products for you to purchase and have shipped directly to you. In the mean time, if you aren’t able to print what you need yourself, we can help there too. Please feel free to contact us with your requests for printed parts and we’ll come to an agreement to print and ship the files to you.

Use the contacts link above or email us at


This is a rendered image of a custom project we are working on for Frank at Frizzo Model Cars (on YouTube). This is a future project Frank intends to build and we are designing the build from the ground up based on his specifications. 

If you have plans of grandure, and need a little help making those plans come to fruiting, let us help you.